About us

Advance Asia Fiber Company Limited was founded by Police Lieutenant General Suwira Songmetta(Ph.D.) and Mrs.Siriwan Damnernchanvanich Songmetta. AAF was established since November, 2010 with a registered capital of 1,200 million Baht (33 million USD). Our factory is located at Chok Chai, Nakorn Ratchasima, Thailand, and its annual production capacity is up to 90,000 cubic meters or 12 million sheets per year, which is currently the largest hardboard manufacturer in Thailand.

To be the world leading producer of high quality non-chemical hardboard for humanity.

Continuously research and develop hardboard production line and hardboard product with high quality for humanity.

We commit to produce and supply high quality environmentally friendly eucalyptus hardboard with competitive price. Our outstanding strengths are as follows.

Environmentally Friendly

AAF’s hardboards production has previously been regarded in ecologically sustainable manner by using all of eucalyptus components such as branches, stems and stumps. It consists of sawmill residue and forest thinning, only uses natural glue (lignin), appearing inside the Eucalyptus wood, in order to bond the fiber instead of synthetic glue and resin.

  • No river water allowing in hardboard manufacturing process. The use of rainwater throughout the year is
    stability in manufacturing and storage by man-made.
  • No waste is allowed to the river. The waste are treated with bio-gas generation and utilized
    before releasing to irrigation system.

Ensuring the availability of quality hardboard because we are a part of Shaiyo AAA group, who is the biggest woodchip producer and exporter in South-East Asia.

Strategic Location – Our factory is located near the raw material sources and easily accessible to the major seaports.

Our product is 100% made from eucalyptus trees farm in Thailand.