Hardboard or Fiberboard is manufactured, from all types of woods, using wet process by utilizing the eucalyptus chips. After initial pre-heating, chips are grounded in a pressurized refiner in order to convert them to the pulp which is subsequently processed over forming machine and then in the hot press to produce the hardboard. The naturally occurring bonding glue in wood known as "Lignin" is utilized under high temperature and pressure in the hot press to convey required bonding and stiffness to the hardboard.


Using as decorative materials in home or offices; such as wall, ceiling
  slabs etc.
Using as a component in making furniture in table, chairs,
  cabinets, beds etc.
Using as the car interior for example speaker, radio and television
Using as a covering walls, packaging and picture frames.

Product Highlight

Free from Formaldehyde substances (carcinogen) which is initial substance of cancer.
High strength product due to better interlocking of short eucalyptus fibers and higher density.
Hardboard can be bended and curved to form the surface and is highly durable.
Our hardboard can be used in applications requiring high resistance to abrasion and heat.
Our premium hardboard is smooth surface and wood defects free.
The back hardboard can be paneled by gluing.
The front surface is excellently suitable for painting and lamination.



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